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Exciting Auctions For Sellers and Buyers

Asset Owners

At Restaubid, we connect buyers and sellers. Our goal here is to parlay asset owners with buyers to create a winning bid for all parties. We pride ourselves on working within a sphere where trust is mandated and not just expected.

Sellers know that when they consign their assets to Restaubid, they will be paid down to the last plate and spoon. But it does not stop here. Buyers are entitled to buy high quality products at the lowest possible price.


We strive to auction clean and working equipment. If in the uneventful situation that you do buy a defective product, you have 14 days from the day of invoice purchase to return your purchase.    We will only exchange your purchase for a similar or equal value product. If we do not have the same product in our inventory we will refund your money in full.

We wish everybody a happy bidding experience.

At Restaubid we will effortlessly work to create an atmosphere of Harmony, Integrity and Industry for both buyers and sellers alike.


We promise to work hard on supplying our clients with as much restaurant assets as possible to fullfill their need for reliable inexpensive functioning equipment


Integrity is a key factor of our business. Without it we have no sellers business. Without the trust of the buyer. We have no sales. We will work hard on keeping our integrity intact.


Needless to say if we pay attention to the two left factors of our business. we are sure to develop a level of harmony that is intact. These are the credos we live by.